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Rocki Maimone, M.S.

Filomena Maimone, Esq.


Rocki Maimone, M.S.


Rocki Maimone – Senior Business Manager at Maimone Legal PLLC

Rocki Maimone is a seasoned Canadian businesswoman with over 30 years of experience in marketing, senior housing, and real estate. As the Senior Business Manager at Maimone Legal PLLC, Rocki leverages her expertise to provide clients with comprehensive immigration and real estate guidance.

With her in-depth understanding of the Canadian and American business landscapes, Rocki’s contributions to the firm are invaluable. Holding a real estate license in Florida, she brings a deep knowledge of the local market, assisting clients in making informed decisions regarding investments and property acquisitions.

Rocki’s Master of Science in Education showcases her commitment to ongoing learning and equips her with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Her diverse business background enables her to identify opportunities and tailor strategies to meet the unique needs of Maimone Legal PLLC’s clients.

As a dedicated professional, Rocki is passionate about helping individuals navigate the complexities of the immigration process seamlessly. Her expertise in real estate, combined with her strong leadership and business acumen, ensures that clients receive exceptional service and successful outcomes.

With Rocki’s guidance, clients can confidently navigate legal and real estate landscapes, making their immigration journey smooth and successful. At Maimone Legal PLLC, Rocki’s commitment to delivering exceptional results makes her an invaluable asset to both the firm and its clients.

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