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Mena Maimone and Rocki Maimone with Maimone Legal PLLC

We Treat YOU Like Family, Because We ARE Family

Let Our Immigration Law Firm Help You Achieve Your American Dream.

At Maimone Legal PLLC, we are a mother-daughter team focused on guiding you through the most favorable pathway to immigration. We help you navigate through family-based visas, applying for citizenship, and issues relating to business investor and employment visas to achieve your immigration objectives. We consider you part of our extended family and give your case the personalized attention you deserve.

Serving Clients Nationwide, Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL

We Have Professional & Personal Experience Navigating Through Complicated Immigration Issues

We founded our law firm to help others avoid the stress and uncertainty that can come with the visa and citizenship process. An immigration attorney will maximize your chances of success while streamlining the process by:

  • Choosing the right option for your immigration journey, whether that is a visa or a green card and naturalization

  • Making sure you complete all the necessary paperwork

  • Ensuring that you meet all deadlines

  • Preparing you for USCIS interviews and written tests

  • Handling any issues that arise during the immigration process

At Maimone Legal PLLC, we provide not only experienced and effective legal guidance, but also close, personal support as we work with you to achieve your dream of living in the U.S. Call us today at 888-863-3207 to find out how we can help.

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applying for green card or visa

Immigration Assistance for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

At Maimone Legal PLLC, we can help you obtain the visa you need to work in, start, or invest in a business in the United States. There are various options if you want to invest or work in the U.S. We will review your unique needs and help you determine which visa is right for you.

Meeting the requirements to do so is complex. Working with a business immigration lawyer can make a significant difference in alleviating the frustration and time it takes to navigate the system. Our business immigration lawyer, Filomena Maimone, will help you understand the eligibility criteria and facilitate an efficient strategy to move forward.

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Contact Us Now for Personalized Legal Help

Are you a permanent resident or U.S. citizen wishing to file a petition for permanent residence on behalf of your spouse, parents, siblings, or unmarried/married children? A knowledgeable immigration attorney in your corner can make the process less intimidating. Our founding attorney, Filomena Maimone, provides clients with the full spectrum of help. She will help you understand the requirements for documents and fees, the periods for filing, waiting periods, and potential exemptions.

Call Maimone Legal PLLC in Fort Lauderdale at (888) 863-3207 to make arrangements for a free 15-minute, no-obligation consultation; you can also reach out via email. We serve individuals, entrepreneurs, and potential investors throughout the United States.

Our Support is Not Limited to Just the Law

At Maimone Legal PLLC, We understand that establishing a new home involves more than just handling the legal issues. That’s why we provide our clients with a range of helpful resources for thriving in their new homes. These resources include referral partners such as financing, accountants, cross-border tax consultants, real estate services, and other professionals.

Get the guidance and personal attention you deserve to fulfill your immigration objectives.

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